Blame It on Satan

During crouched behind bars, a corruptor repeatedly expressed his regret. And in a special time to pray, he accidentally said the word of reconciliation with a loud voice. People around there were also impressed with the style of this corruptor style of reconciliation.
Until one midnight, when other inmates were asleep, the embezzler sat down, looking at the full moon of the opening bars of his room.
After a long breathe, he murmured, "Oh, God! I'm really sorry. Repentance,
O Lord. All this time I lost because seduced by the devil ..."
Suddenly a voice, "Damn you!"
The embezzler was shocked. "Hey who's that?"
"I'm .... the devil do you blame for this one. You are the one who done it, I didn't enjoy the benefits, but why you blame me when you go to jail, anyway? Damn you ...!"


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