Three Women In Aircraft

3.09.2010 2
There are three women on a plane. One woman from America, from Europe and from Africa. Along the way the plane seemed to tilt and fall.

Suddenly, American women took the powder and dressed up pretty. His friend next to confused and asked why he was dressed.

American Woman said: "Usually when a plane crash the first that get helped is the most beautiful."

European women suddenly lifted her skirt up high. Friends in the next wonder, 'Why do you lifted your skirt up high? "

European women replied: "Usually when plane crash the first that get helped the smooth white thighs."

African women do not want to miss, he undressed and completely naked. The two friends surprised and asked, "Why do you naked?"

African women also said: "Usually when a plane dropped the most sought-after is a BLACK BOX!"


Husband Thinks Wife looks More Beautiful

2.12.2010 0
Suzie and Eve are a pair of best friends. They each married long enough. One day, Evi cranky because she thought her husband was no longer considered him attractive.

"The longer he's getting no attention to me anymore!" eve crying.

"I'm sorry, Eve, but my husband the other way. According to him, more and more I looked beautiful," said Suzie.

"Of course, cause your husband is an antique dealer!"


Bonus One

2.10.2010 0
A teeth patient angry  to the dentist because of pulling teeth.

"Why did the doctor take my two teeth, but the pain is only one!"

"Why, is not you should be happy. This is promotion month. Anyone who pulled one teeth , I give a bonus to pull the other  teeth," said the doctor quietly.


What difference?

2.01.2010 0
One day in Kuta beach, Bali, a tourist from America candidate swim harassing local tourists who only dare to play the water near the beach.

Tourism USA: "You can not swim?

Local Tourist: "Hmmm .... not"

Tourist USA: "You idiot! How come you can not swim? My dog is smarter than you!"

Local Tourist: "Hmmm .... if you can swim?"

USA Tourist: "Of course, I can!"

Local Tourist: "So what difference does it make between you and your dog?"

Tourists USA: "?!&^$%"


Violate Ethics

1.31.2010 0
A man of a white dress looking straight into the bar and ordered a bloody marys. His face was too late. Disheveled hair. Reddened eyes.

"What?" asked the bartender, "You look nervous at all?"

"I just violated medical ethics. I just made love with my patient," said the man with battered face.

The bartender smiled. "While sin, but it usually occurs between doctor and patient?"

"The problem is I'm a vet!" the man said with his face bent.


Blame It on Satan

1.30.2010 0
During crouched behind bars, a corruptor repeatedly expressed his regret. And in a special time to pray, he accidentally said the word of reconciliation with a loud voice. People around there were also impressed with the style of this corruptor style of reconciliation.
Until one midnight, when other inmates were asleep, the embezzler sat down, looking at the full moon of the opening bars of his room.
After a long breathe, he murmured, "Oh, God! I'm really sorry. Repentance,
O Lord. All this time I lost because seduced by the devil ..."
Suddenly a voice, "Damn you!"
The embezzler was shocked. "Hey who's that?"
"I'm .... the devil do you blame for this one. You are the one who done it, I didn't enjoy the benefits, but why you blame me when you go to jail, anyway? Damn you ...!"

Count Down

A father looks into the examination room of a doctor with a motion like a mummy. Truly living dead. Only by examining the moment, the doctor said, sir, I'm really sorry, I think you have no hope of life. A matter of time, sir. "

"I already knew that I would die." patient said, "I just want to make sure how much longer I can live?"

"Ten ....." replied the doctor.

"Ten months, ten weeks or ten days?" cut patient.

"Nine, eight, seven, six ,....." replied the doctor.

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